VETO PRO PAC Model LC Tool Bag

Every handyman needs one! A great, durable tool bag. This Pro Pac tool bag is durable, and well thought out so tools are kept within easy reach.


Pro Pac tool bags are renowned for their unique patented fixed-center panel design and durable construction. The layout and functionality of these bags is nothing short of brilliant. The vertically tiered pockets on either side of the fixed center panel allow clear visibility, instant access and maximized storage. Zippered covers protect and conceal the contents for transportation or storage. The bags are constructed of PVC impregnated 1800 Denier weatherproof fabric. The durable waterproof base is made of a 3 mm thick polypropylene. The over molded ergonomic hand grip along with a non-slip padded shoulder strap provide comfort while transporting. A 5 year warranty is included. A great gift idea for men.


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