Hanson Magnetic Stud Finder

Locate nails and screws, find wood or metal studs.. it’s going to be the last stud finder your handyman will need for his toolbox. And best of all, no batteries required.

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Positively locates nails and screws with powerful “neodymium” magnets. The magnetic stud finder works like magic. It sticks to the wall leaving your hands free–no batteries, no calibration, no lights, no hassle. It works on wood or metal studs, and uses multiple industrial strength magnets to “Field Vector” the stud. This is the last stud finder you will ever buy. Simply slide the flat surface of the magnetic stud finder slowly across a wall in a circular or “S” motion until you feel a strong pull to a nail head or screw. Once you have the magnetic stud finder directly above a nail head or screw, let it go and it sticks to the wall. The tool doesn’t require batteries and never needs calibration. By keeping the tool free of moving or electronic parts, the Stud 4 Sure is easy to use and fits easily into any tool pouch. Just place the stud finder on the wall and sweep in an “S” pattern to locate any metal fastener.


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