Dremel Ultimate 3-Tool Combo Kit with 15 Accessories and Storage Bag

The Dremel 3-tool combo kit includes everything you will need to repair, remodel, restore, cut, sand, rout, and more. Every handyman needs a dremel tool like this one. It will take care of all those small jobs around the house that are always cropping up.

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With the Dremel 3000 variable-speed rotary tool, the Multi-Max MM20 oscillating tool, and the Saw-Max cutting tool, you will be able to multitask your way through a variety of projects at home or in the shop. A soft storage bag and 15 accessories are included. Includes One Dremel CKDR-02 3-tool combo kit, including one 3000 variable speed rotary tool, one wrench, two 540 heavy-duty cut-off wheels, one 932 aluminum oxide grinding stone, one 429 felt polishing wheel, one 401 mandrel, and one 402 mandrel; one MM20 Multi-Max oscillating tool, one MM480 wood flush cut blade, one MM450 wood and drywall saw blade, one MM11 hook-and-loop sanding pad, and one MM70W 60/120/240-grit sandpaper triangle; and one SM20 Saw-Max tool, one wrench, one SM500 wood and plastic cutting blade, and two SM510 metal cutting blades; and one soft carrying bag.


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