DEWALT 1-Gallon 135 PSI Max Trim Portable Air Compressor

A great portable air compressor for both the professional handyman or the weekend project warrior working around the house. This powerful but lightweight air compressor is perfect for any type of job that requires a power tool and air.

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Ideal for finish carpenters and woodworkers, the D55140 can be used for custom installation of shelves or other furniture, cabinet trim installation and for pressure-testing new plumbing lines. Performance -The D55140 produces .75 SCFM at 90 PSI, 135 PSI (Max), delivering high surge performance with quick recovery, and at 69 dBA, provides end users with a quieter operation, compared to existing compressors in the marketplace. The compressor was designed with a 2.6 amp draw motor to deliver easy start-up and reduced breaker tripping, as well as a high flow regulator that provides maximum air pressure to increase jobsite performance. The D55140 is also equipped with an oil-free, long-life pump, allowing for maintenance-free operation. The oil-free design of the pump eliminates the need for users to check or refill the pump, and also helps to keep the jobsite clean by preventing oil from transferring to work surfaces. Ease of Use/Portability – The compact design of this unit is ideal for end users who prefer hand carry compressors. Weighing just 24 pounds and measuring 9” wide, the compressor is easily transported and stored, making it ideal for knock-out work. In addition, DEWALT equipped the compressor with a one-hand, universal quick connect for easy-to-use operation. For increased efficiency, the D55140 was designed with a ball drain valve for quick and thorough tank draining and a convenient cord wrap for easy storage. Durability – The efficient and unique design of the D55140 ensures maximum durability and longevity. DEWALT built the heavy-duty compressor with an innovative roll cage, full-protection frame design to shield the unit from routine wear and tear and accidental damage. In addition, a wrap-around control panel covers the frame and provides further protection to key components of the compressor.


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