Bosch Digital Distance Measurer Kit

The Bosch digital distance measurer uses laser technology to provide accurate measurements for all types of handyman jobs. Now measuring large areas can be a one man job.


Utilizing precision laser technology, the Bosch DLR130K digital distance measurer kit provides fast, easy, and accurate measurements every time you use it. Pocket-sized for easy portability, this handy tool offers length, area, and volume measurements in inches, feet and inches, decimal feet, and metric units. Ideal for trim work–including installing base board, toe molding, and crown molding–the DLR130K uses a laser beam to perform both pointing and measuring applications. It can measure length, area, and volume measures in four systems: inches, feet and inches, decimal feet, and metric. The DLR130K’s 2-inch to 130-foot range and two reference points–located at the back and front of the tool–give you plenty of options. In addition, it takes measurements in four seconds or less–with accuracy to within 1/16 inch. Easier to use and more accurate than a tape measure, the DLR130K makes measuring a one-person job, even at walking-out distances. In fact, its continuous-length mode automatically adjusts your measurement as you move forward, which means you won’t waste time taking notes and repositioning the tool.


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