Bosch 3-Point Torpedo Laser Alignment Kit

Bosch 3-Point Torpedo Laser Alignment Kit

See the light. Ideal for leveling, plumbing up, and other layout and alignment tasks, the Bosch GPL3T Torpedo Three-Point Alignment Laser Kit has highly visible laser points that save you time and effort by providing exceptional accuracy.

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Precision made, this alignment laser features three beams, versatile positioning capability, a patented diamond-cut beam splitter, and more. The Torpedo laser alignment kit offers limitless uses, everything from plumbing up floors and ceilings to installing drywall partitions and establishing benchmarks. And thanks to precision bubble vials, a leveling base, a V-groove (which aligns unit with pipes), magnets, a 0.25 x 20.0-inch tripod mount, alignment shoulders, a position tip, and strap slots, the GPL3T can be used in a variety of positions. As a added feature and what really makes this a cool level for the handyman is it offers both left and right 90-degree beams, making this laser flexible on the job, and the perfect must-have for any project that requires plumb, level, and square point projection.


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