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    Bosch Combo Kit with 265-Foot Distance Measurer and 24-Inch Digital Level

    Bosch’s GLM 80 laser distance and angle measurer combined with the R 60 level is the most advanced technological answer to making simple yet accurate measurements. With its convenient load, lock, and level system, the R 60 quickly and securely holds the GLM 80 to automatically create a digital level perfect for contractors, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and other tradesmen. Bosch maximizes functionality with the GLM 80, which is equipped to operate in multiple measurement modes depending on user needs. Indirect length measurement mode provides users the ability to determine inaccessible distances that are obstructed by objects or that lack a reflecting surface by applying the Pythagorean theorem. The minimum/maximum measurement mode comes in handy...

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    Bosch Miter finder Digital Angle Finder with Leg Extension and Case

    The Bosch DAF220K Miterfinder Digital Angle Finder Kit provides the versatility and convenience of four tools–angle finder, cut calculator, protractor, and level–all in one package. This updated Miterfinder now features angle memory for repeated use, simple miter cut calculation, and expanded input range for compound cut calculation. Ideal for use with any miter saw, the DAF220K also features a digital readout, leg extension, and more, making it a perfect choice for carpenters, re-modelers, and contractors. Designed for professionals or the weekend handy dad, the DAF220K offers 4 Tools in 1–an angle finder, cut calculator, protractor, and level–for tackling a range of trim and verification projects on crown molding, countertops, rooftops, and more. The angle...

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    Stanley 11-3/4-Inch FatMax Xtreme Magnetic Torpedo Level

    The Stanley 11-3/4-Inch FatMax Xtreme Magnetic Torpedo Level features a die-cast aluminum body for long lasting durability. The solid block vial provides accuracy of 0.0005in/in. (0.5mm/m), and a 180-degree rotating vial is designed to duplicate angles. The level includes a magnified center vial for improved visibility. This 11-3/4-inch level also features pipe groove for use on rounded surfaces, and the its rare earth magnets, which are twice as strong as basic strip magnets, are designed for the ultimate in holding power. The level is backed by a lifetime accuracy...

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    Bosch 3-Point Torpedo Laser Alignment Kit

    Precision made, this alignment laser features three beams, versatile positioning capability, a patented diamond-cut beam splitter, and more. The Torpedo laser alignment kit offers limitless uses, everything from plumbing up floors and ceilings to installing drywall partitions and establishing benchmarks. And thanks to precision bubble vials, a leveling base, a V-groove (which aligns unit with pipes), magnets, a 0.25 x 20.0-inch tripod mount, alignment shoulders, a position tip, and strap slots, the GPL3T can be used in a variety of positions. As a added feature and what really makes this a cool level for the handyman is it offers both left and right 90-degree beams, making this laser flexible on the job, and the...

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    SmartTool 24-Inch Electronic Level with Module

    Welcome to the versatile world of SmartTool. Most levels only give you information at level (0 degrees) and plumb (90 degrees) using bubbles you have to work to center visually between two lines. You can do that with SmartTool, too, but the SmartTool also lets you measure digitally, electronically, and with an actual number, at every angle, all 360 degrees of a complete circle. So installing a deck, stair rail, extending a roof or determining how much an old floor has sagged is simpler, less time consuming, and more...

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    Stanley FatMax 48-Inch Non-Magnetic Level

    A long level makes easy leveling for every handyman. Make sure your handyman has one too. This Fat Max level is built from a single piece of aluminum extrusion for increased durability and rugged use. 48″, Fatmax Box Beam Level, Single Piece Aluminum Box Beam Structure For Improved Durability, 2 Times Stronger, Accuracy To .0005″, Easy To Read Center Vial, Yellow Powder Coated Finish For High Visibility, Improved Hand Grips For Increased Comfort, More Durable End Caps For Increased...

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