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Pliers and plier sets including vice grips, channel locks, needle nose and more

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    GearWrench 7 Piece Standard Pliers Master set

    7 Piece GearWrench Mixed Pliers Set Features and Benefits Curved back handles for added leverage and less slippage. “Finger tipping” end texture grips for improved access and exclusive rounded inside edges for comfort. A slim recessed handle design makes this a great assortment of pliers for most any application. This handyman mixed pliers set includes the following: KDT82011- 9.5″ Tongue and Groove Plier; KDT82012- 7″ Diagonal Cutting Plier; KDT82013- 8″ Long Nose Plier;  KDT82014- 8″ Slip Joint Plier; KDT82020- 12″ Groove Joint Plier with straight jaw; KDT82025- 8″ Linesman Plier and  KDT82028- 8″ End Nipper. Great gift idea for...

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    Channellock 5-Piece Plier Set in Handy Tool Roll

    This Channellock 5 piece tool set includes one each of the 430 10″ tongue and groove plier, the 420 9.5″ tongue and groove plier, the 3017 8″ long nose plier, the 337 7″ side cutter plier, and the 526 6″ slip joint plier. The 430 and 420 have right angle teeth grip in all directions for maximum bite and minimum wear, patented undercut tongue and groove design assures no slip jaw action, patented reinforcing edge minimizes stress breakage, patented PermaLock® fastener eliminates nut and bolt failures, and distinctive CHANNELLOCK BLUE comfort grips. The 3017 and 337 have precision made of fine polished, high carbon drop forged steel, perfectly mated cutters, scientifically heat treated to...

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    Irwin Vise-Grip GrooveLock 8-Piece Plier Set

    IRWIN Tools 2078712 Vise-Grip GrooveLock Pliers Kitbag Set, 8-Piece, comes with 8″, 10″, and 12″ V-Jaw GrooveLock pliers, a 10″ adjustable wrench, 8″ long nose pliers, 8″ linesman pliers, 6″ diagonal cutting plier, and 6″ slip-joint pliers to get projects done easily. Vise-Grip GrooveLock pliers are twice as fast as traditional groove joint pliers, offering precise jaw positioning with twice the groove positions as competing pliers. The GrooveLock plier has a ratcheting action that enables the pliers to adjust to an open position against the work piece by simply pushing the handle up. The Vise-Grip ProTouch Grips are comfortable, reduce hand fatigue, and the anti-pinch handle design protects palms if the tool slips from...

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    Stanley 4-Piece Pliers Set

    Machined jaws help grip items securely. Cutting pliers feature induction-hardened cutting edges for long life. This four-piece plier set (84-026, 028, 029, 032) includes: 8-inch slip joint, 7-inch diagonal, .8-inch lineman, and 8-inch long...

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