TOP PICK – Greenbox Smartphone Controlled Automated Irrigation Sprinkler System for Garden and Lawn

greenbox_toppickWhile this product has not yet been released, it’s still a TOP PICK of ours because of how cool it is. The Greenbox automated irrigation sprinkler system is how automatic sprinkler systems should work. Automatic should mean more than turning on and off automatically… it should mean watering only when your lawn or garden actually needs water. And this is exactly what the Greenbox does!

No more simple fixed schedules with your irrigation system. The Greenbox is changing that by monitoring your local weather conditions and automatically adjusting them so your grass and plants get just the right amount of water – no more, no less. Greenbox saves you up to 50% in outdoor water consumption. With the unique Watergain irrigation algorithm, Greenbox harnesses the power of hyperlocal weather data to calculate how much water your lawn and garden actually need. The system then adjusts your watering schedule accordingly, so if it’s pouring outside you won’t waste water, and if it’s especially dry and hot out, Greenbox will make sure your grass doesn’t dry up.

And even better than all of the above… you control it from a smartphone app, tablet or computer, which lets you control it from anywhere in the world.

Connect up to 8 watering zones to Greenbox. One of the zones can optionally be configured as a master valve to prevent leaks. And even though Greenbox already monitors local weather data, you can still connect a standard rain sensor or soil moisture sensor to Greenbox to automatically stop watering if rain or moisture is detected.

Easy to use, easy to install, great design, saves money, and saves water!  This is why it’s a Gifts for the Handyman TOP PICK! Get your favorite handyman, handy dad or husband one of these today. Makes a great gift idea.

Greenbox is currently taking pre-orders and they are expected to start shipping in early 2015.