*Top Picks* – Our Favorite Gifts for the Handyman, Handy Dad or Handy Husband!

If you’ve been wondering what our favorite, highly recommended gifts for handymen are — then watch for our new “Top Pick” seal of approval.

Gifts for the Handyman "Top Pick" seal of approval

We’ll be awarding our Gifts for the Handyman “Top Pick” seal of approval to the tools, gadgets, gifts, hardware and other handyman stuff that we feel is the best of the best. It could be for overall design, usefulness, functionality, form, ingenuity, or just because we think it’s really cool.

If you have a tool, gadget, gift or something that is used by a handyman which you feel deserves our “Top Pick” seal of approval, then submit your nomination here.  We’ll review it to see if it meets our eligibility guidelines. If it does we’ll contact you with approval to show our “Top Pick” seal on your website and/or packaging.

Note on Reviews: If your product is clearly visible in photos on your website and we can verify from third parties the design, functionality, usefulness and outside reviews of the product, we do not require you to send us the product for review.  However, if you would like to send us your product so we can personally review it, then please let us know when you submit your nomination. We’ll be happy to review your product in person. Please note, products sent to us for review will not be returned… they will usually be given away to our visitors by using contests and giveaways.

Check out our “Top Pick” winners here.