TOP PICK – MagnoGrip Magnetic Carpenter’s Tool Belt

Top Pick - Magnogrip Magnetic Tool BeltEvery handyman has one… their favorite tool belt. One of my favorites is this MagnoGrip magnetic carpenter’s tool belt. It has a total of 12 pockets for storing your tools, it’s made from a strong 1680D ballistic polyester, is a great price, but best of all it has magnetic nail pockets.

Most handyman will eventually run into the same problem of dropping nails or screws constantly while their working. This gets old, really fast. Thanks to the magnetized nail pockets, these nail or screw spills are a thing of the past. And the wide mouth pockets stay open for easy reach to whatever you have in them.

This magnetic tool belt has plenty of benefits, but it may not always be the best choice for every job. If you just need a belt to hold some basic tools (without the need for the magnetic pockets), the magnets can sometimes get in the way. Lean to close to something and you’ll stick to it… and some tools will become magnetized by being close to the magnets.

Even with those couple draw backs, it’s still a “Top Pick” on my list and one of my favorite tool belts.

Get your favorite handyman, handy dad or handy husband this magnetic tool belt and it will be one of his favorite gifts you’ve ever given him.