New “Buying Guides” to help you choose the right gift for your handyman

Buying Guides

Our first of many to come new “Buying Guides” was just posted to our site!  These buying guides will be short, easy to understand articles on how to buy the right gifts/tools/gadgets for your favorite handyman.  We’ll keep out all the unnecessary technical jargon and get right down to the important stuff. The stuff that really matters, especially for someone who may not have any knowledge about a particular tool.

Our first buying guide is how to choose the right air compressor for your handyman, dad, or husband. It’s just the basics, but the basics you’ll need to know to make an educated decision about your purchase.

No matter how handy your man is there are some jobs that are just to big for one person, it could be that you’ve been having a clear out or have recycling that needs to go to the nearest recycling centre but don’t have a suitable vehicle, it sounds like you could do with a man and a van to help out. Make sure you find someone you can trust, the best place to find someone like this is by using a comparison website like Shiply as they only provide quotes from those who offer a reliable and reputable service.

They’ll be many more buying guides to come, so keep an eye out here.

Do you have a suggestion for a buying guide you’d like to see? Maybe a certain type of tool or piece of equipment you know nothing about, but want to purchase the right one for your handyman? Or would you like to contribute to our buying guide and write your own article? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.