Buying Guide – How to choose the right air compressor as a gift for your handyman

Buying Guide - Air CompressorsIf you’re not familiar with air compressors, but you know your favorite handyman, handy dad or husband would like one, we’re here to help.  There are many choices of air compressors that you can choose from. When you’ve never used one or know nothing about them, you could easily get lost in all the choices and sizes. Thankfully it’s really not all that hard of a decision.

My reason for this post is a funny story last weekend! My mother who lives in Sienna Plantation recently had to cover out a firm who specialize in ac repair sienna plantation. Her AC had gone, and that had me thinking – I had an air compressor once as a gift!

We try to keep our buying guides simple… while there can be many factors to consider, there are really only three you should concern yourself with you’re looking to buy an air compressor as a gift.

  1. Tools that your handyman will be using the air compressor with. The main thing to consider is to find out what your handyman will be using the air compressor for. Is it for small craft projects around the house such as running a stapler or finish nailer, blowing up pool toys, etc? Or will it be used on a job site and will be running framing nailers or impact wrenches? The types of tools it will be running will determine the overall size and SFCM (standard cubic feet per minute). SFCM is the output of air. Large tools need lots of air (8 or more SFCM). Small tools = smaller amounts of air (0 to 5 SFCM). Consider what your handyman will be using and look at the SFCM output of the air compressor your considering.
  2. Portability. The next thing to consider is the portability of the air compressor. Will it stay in one place or does it need to be moved around the house, garage or job site? Portable air compressors come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Pancake compressors, cylindrical shape, larger wheel barrel type compressors and many others. For small jobs around the house, pick a small portable pancake compressor. Need larger air output, get a larger model that rolls on wheels. If your handyman doesn’t need portability and instead wants maximum air output, consider a larger stationary model.
  3. Power source. The power source for air compressors can be electricity or gas. Electric is the most common. Most running of standard household voltage. Larger models may need 220v outlet. Gas is a good choice if your handyman frequently works in an area that doesn’t have access to electricity. With gas though, there’s always the danger of using gas in the first place and also making sure there is proper ventilation for the exhaust gases.

After you’ve considered these three things, you’re ready to buy!  If you’ve decided to buy your handyman, handy husband or dad a smaller sized portable air compressor, then check these out.

Looking for something larger? Check out this selection of medium to large size air compressors.

Looking for more detailed information on how to choose the right air compressor? Here’s a few articles that go beyond the basics and cover some of the more technical aspects of buying an air compressor.