The JackClamp – the only bar clamp that does it all!

JackClampThere are so many bar clamps on the market that someone who is considering one as a gift for their favorite handyman would be totally lost in the sea of clamps available.  I’m here to tell you that I’ve found the only one your handyman will ever need again!

The JackClamp is unlike other bar clamps for many reasons. Most bar clamps work off a single bar. Slide together, clamp and lock. Many will fade in strength as the clamp is tightened or if the item being clamped puts the clamp sections far apart from each other. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to clamp an item that’s wide and the clamp keeps sliding apart or off the ends. Not with the JackClamp.

The JackClamp has a unique design because it has two bars. Both movable, both removable, both reversible and both can clamp down with amazing strength. If you’re not a handyman you may be wondering why that’s important. Most single bar clamps with non-removable bars are limited in their use. If you’re working in a small or confined space, the clamp may not be able to fit. With a removable bar, the clamp can be put in place on one end and then the bar can be slid into the confined area and attached to the clamp. This is a huge advantage for handymen.

And that’s not all this tool does. The JackClamp goes beyond simple clamping. Reverse the bars and you can spread things apart. Add the removable stands and you can use it as a jack, lifting up to 300 lbs. Secure the top and it’ll hoist up to 300 lbs. And last, but certainly not least… with the v-jaw attachment you can clamp all types of odd shaped objects, allowing your handyman to weld, glue or hold almost anything.

If you’re looking for a new clamping tool or need the perfect gift for your favorite handyman, handy dad or husband… be sure to check out the JackClamp.

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