The perfect gift for the home inspector – An aerial photography drone!

I know of the perfect new tool for the home inspector… an aerial photography drone!

arch aerial drone for home inspectorsIf you’re a home inspector or you have a friend or family member that’s an inspector, think of the possibilities and advantages an inspector would have with a quad-copter drone. I came up with this idea after using windsor drone services for my wedding drone pictures, and may I just add, they were amazing!! The inspection report could contain aerial photos of a clients home, roof, chimney, and lot… none of which your competition could provide.

No need for ladders, no need to jeopardize your safety by crawling on the roof, trying to inspect the shingles or chimney. Just launch this sucker and let it do the work! So cool. I’d like to have one just to play around with it as a hobby.

I believe this is the future of inspections, real estate surveys and a host of other applications. If you’re a home inspector you might as well get in on this before your competition does.  The photo above is from a Houston based company called Arch Aerial. Their drone has some really cool features; one of which is being collapsible. Check out their UAV quad-copter aerial photography drones here.

Are you a home inspector that already provides this service? I’d love to see some photos you’ve taken. Contact me and I’ll post them below.