Outlaw Fasteners – Making it Easier to Screw

Outlaw Fasteners plans on changing the way the world screws! At least that’s what their Twitter profile says. And after looking through their site, I think they may be correct.


Outlaw Fasteners has a new deck screw and drive system that looks much easier to use than typical deck screws. The patented UniGrip drive system uses a three level hexagon shape that holds the drive bit firmly in place. There are several advantages to this… it won’t strip, there’s only one bit needed, and best of all it holds the bit firmly in place to drive a screw only using one hand! That last part is key for most handymen who like to work alone. Freeing up a hand is always a plus!

While reading through the Outlaw Fastener website, my only thought was… “what if I lose the bit, and would I have to buy another?” Thankfully they thought of this and their FAQ page says a 5/32″ hex bit will work.

According to their site, the fasteners will start shipping in the 2nd quarter of 2014 and will be available in the following sizes: #8 x 1/58, #8 x 2″, #8 x 2 1/2″ and #9 x 3. A 5lb box will cost you $28.95

This should be a great product, so look for them soon in your favorite retail store.

You can follow Outlaw Fasteners on Twitter or check them out on Facebook.