How to Repair Drywall Holes (Videos and Helpful Articles)

Door knobs, chairs, kids playing, and a host of other things can cause holes in drywall. How to fix them properly is a common question that handymen get.  With a few tools and helpful tips and tricks from a handyman, you can repair that annoying hole in your drywall and make it looks like new!drywall hole

From the smallest hole to the largest hole repair, there are several different techniques which can be used. Using the proper technique depending on the size of the hole makes a big difference on how the end result will look.  There’s nothing worse than repairing a hole to only have it be more noticeable than the hole itself was.

I’ve compiled a few helpful articles and videos below on fixing drywall holes the right way, the first time.

If you don’t have any of the simple tools necessary to fix drywall holes, you can find them here.

Helpful articles on fixing drywall holes:

Helpful videos on how to fix drywall holes:




Do you have a favorite article or video on repairing drywall holes and cracks? Let me know and I’ll post it here.