What’s your favorite handyman website, Twitter or Pinterest user?

While we may be the new handyman site online, I’m not new to the handyman world. One of my favorite things about almost every handyman I know is the sense of community around handyman type work and home repair in general.  I’ve never met a handyman that doesn’t openly help or share ideas with another handyman.

social-media-iconsWhile I currently follow a few great handymen, I’d like to follow more… on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and handyman blogs. Whose your favorite handyman? Share your in a comment below. Post his or her Twitter account, Facebook page, Pinterest account, website or blog. I’d love to check out their stuff and start following them.

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If you have a favorite site that posts/shares gifts that are great for handymen or handywomen, let me know them to. I’m always looking our for great gift ideas for men, handymen, handy husbands and handy dads.